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CETA TSD Committee IN PROGRESS Joint Work Plan 2020-2021

Action AreaObjectiveActivities and StatusNext Steps
Joint Committee Recommendation on Trade and GenderCollaboration on:
  • Gender-disaggregated data and analysis of gender-focused statistics related to trade;
  • Canadian business women trade missions to the EU in fall 2018 and winter 2020;
Work with Other CETA Committees
Explore the possibility of applying a gender lens to all CETA committee work (reviewing the work plans of each committee and identifying opportunities to integrate gender considerations).
  • Ex-post impact of CETA on women and gender equality;
  • Trade and Gender presentations by Canada and the EU at:  the CETA Civil Society Forum and CETA Joint Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development (Ottawa, Nov. 2019, virtually December 2020); Panel discussion Brussels, April 2019; Roundtable July 2019, Montreal;   
  • Developing gender responsive trade agreements;
  • Canada and EU participation in the WE EMPOWER and UN Women webinars on “The Impact of Trade Agreements on Women’s Economic Empowerment” (Dec. 2018 and Dec. 2019). Published joint report on Trade and Gender activities to date (September 2020);
Continue Canada-EU video conferences/webinars to exchange information on a variety of related as outlined in the EU-Canada work plan for implementing CETA Trade and Gender recommendation.
  • Trade and gender in the WTO.
  • Canada-EU webinar on trade and gender and standards (March 12, 2021).
Follow-up to the Joint Committee Recommendation on Trade, Climate and the Paris AgreementTrade and Climate Change During the 2020 TSD Committee meeting, Canada and the EU agreed to the following:Published joint report on Trade, Climate Action and the Paris Agreement activities (Nov 2020).
  1. Ongoing work on clean technologies Canada and the EU will co-host a second Clean Tech workshop in Spring 2021 and leader level CETA Clean Tech Summit (to be confirmed at a later date).
The Clean Tech workshop took place on 29-31 March. Canada and the EU are currently discussing planning of the CETA Clean Tech Summit (early 2022).CETA Clean Tech Summit: Early 2022
  1. Continued cooperation on trade and climate at the WTO (e.g. Carbon Border Adjustments, EU Trade and Climate initiative proposal) and in other multilateral fora (e.g. OECD).
Ongoing and dependent on international meetings and events such as WTO Committee on Trade and Environment, the WTO Trade and Environmental Sustainability Structured Discussions (TESSD) and OECD Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment meetings.
  • WTO Committee on Trade and Environment meeting: March 30
  • TESSD meeting: May 27-28
  • OECD JWPTE meeting summer 2021 (date TBC)
  1. Facilitating discussions on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (CBAMs).
Ongoing monitoring of developments on CBAMs to understand potential considerations and impacts.Canada to propose additional engagement, as appropriate.
Implementation of CSR/RBC CommitmentsOngoing briefing and collaboration
  • Look at forward planning on the CSR/RBC commitment.
Next steps:
Explore collaboration opportunities in approaching countries and companies to encourage good labour and environmental practices.

Share experience and best practices to address forced labour and child labour. (cross-cutting with the trade and labour cooperation)
Explore collaboration opportunities in approaching countries and companies to encourage good labour and environmental practices.Completed
Respective CSR contact points to exchange contacts and compare notes.Completed
Canada to share best practices (handbook for SMEs on OECD Guidelines) and GCNC compendium on how Canadian companies can contribute to the SDGs. Completed
Implementation of Environment Chapter CommitmentsDuring the 2020 TSD Committee meeting, Canada and the EU agreed to the following:Next Steps:
  1. “Mainstreaming” TSD across other CETA committees and dialogues.
    1. Joint statement to be issued by EVP Dombrovskis and Minister Ng at the meeting of the CETA Joint Committee on 25 March 2021.
Joint statement issued by EVP Dombrovskis and Minister Ng at the meeting of the CETA Joint Committee on 25 March 2021. Ongoing monitoring of CETA committees.Explore the application of environment related aspects to the work of all CETA committees.
  1. Follow-up on EU Trade and Biodiversity Study
    1. The EU to present study, which focuses on a methodology to assess the impacts of trade on biodiversity.
The results of the study released in May 2021.EU to present and discuss the Trade and Biodiversity Study findings.
  1. Cooperation on chemicals management.
    1. Canada and the EU will continue discussions on chemicals, especially sustainable and safe-by design principal, which links to supply chains.
Mutual interest identified in sharing knowledge and best practices on sustainable and safe-by-design chemicals. Technical discussions are likely in the latter half of 2021.Identify specific topics and timelines.
Implementation of Labour Chapter CommitmentsShare EU and Canada's respective actions on labour in selected third countries (unilateral, bilateral and multilateral) to identify next steps and coordinate where appropriate.Completed: EU and Canada have shared respective labour initiatives and engagements in third countries.Next step is to discuss further areas of cooperation in third countries to promote decent work.
Canada and EU to address impact of COVID-19 on labour rights and workers around the world, and to brainstorm potential collaborative responses to protect vulnerable workers.Completed: Canada and the EU discussed need for international cooperation and measures to mitigate socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in least developed countries. Agreed on the need to focus on inequalities in supply chains.Continue to participate in multilateral fora (such as the UN, G20, G7 and ILO) to work towards a global recovery.
Canada and EU to provide updates on ILO projects and technical assistance work in third countries, so that Parties can see where priorities align and find synergies in practical operations.Completed: Canada and the EU have discussed various ways of tackling forced labour and child labour, as well as the continued importance of promoting freedom of association and collective bargaining.Compare notes on the respective domestic initiatives related to forced labour in Third Countries. N/A Next steps share experience and best practices to combat forced labour and child labour
Implementation of Institutional Commitments (Civil Society Forum)Hold the fourth CETA Civil Society ForumThe third CETA Civil Society Forum took place on December 8 and 9, 2020.Next steps: Organise fourth Civil Society Forum, date TBD, Fall 2021. Canada to host.
TSD Chapter Early ReviewThe Trade and Sustainable Development Committee committed to holding at least three dedicated meetings on this issue in advance of the second CETA Joint committee meeting.The first dedicated session took place on February 1, 2020 and the second dedicated session took place on October 23, 2020.Next steps: Organise third dedicated session. Timing to be decided in relation to EU respective review of the TSD implementation and enforcement
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