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Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Chapter Eighteen - Trade-Related Cooperation

Article 1801: Objectives

Recognizing that trade-related cooperation is a catalyst for the reforms and investments necessary to foster trade-driven economic growth and adjustment to liberalized trade, the Parties agree to promote trade-related cooperation pursuant to the following objectives:

(a) to strengthen the capacities of the Parties to maximize the opportunities and benefits deriving from this Agreement;

(b) to strengthen and develop cooperation at a  bilateral, regional or multilateral level;

(c) to foster new opportunities for trade and investment, stimulating competitiveness and encouraging innovation, including dialogue and cooperation among their respective academies of science, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, colleges, as well as their science, research and technological centers and institutes, and private sector enterprises and firms in areas of mutual interest relating to science and technology and innovation; and

(d) to promote sustainable economic development, with an emphasis on small and medium sized enterprises, in order to contribute to the reduction of poverty through trade.

Article 1802: Committee on Trade-Related Cooperation

1. Pursuant to Article 1801, the Parties hereby establish a Committee on Trade-Related Cooperation comprising representatives of each Party.

2. Each Party should provide, and periodically update, an Action Plan to the Committee describing proposed trade-related cooperation initiatives.

3. The Committee shall:

(a) seek the prioritization and promote the realization of trade-related cooperation initiatives outlined in the Action Plans of the Parties;

(b) invite appropriate international donor institutions, private sector entities, and non-governmental organizations to assist in the development and implementation of trade-related cooperation initiatives in accordance with the priorities set out by the Committee pursuant to subparagraph 3(a);

(c) work with other committees or working groups established under this Agreement, including through joint meetings, to support the implementation of trade-related cooperation provisions outlined in the Agreement, in accordance with the priorities set out by the Committee pursuant to subparagraph 3(a);

(d) establish rules and procedures for the conduct of its work; all decisions of the Committee shall be taken by consensus, unless otherwise agreed;

(e) monitor and assess the progress in implementing trade-related cooperation initiatives;

(f) provide an annual report to the Commission describing the activities of the Committee, unless otherwise agreed; and

(g) meet annually, or as otherwise agreed, in person or by any other technological means available.

4. The Committee may establish ad hoc working groups, which may comprise government and non-government representatives.

5. The implementation of trade-related cooperation initiatives is subject to the joint decision of the Parties.

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