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Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Annex I - Headnote

1. The Schedule of a Party sets out, pursuant to Article 809 (Investment - Non-Conforming Measures) and Article 906 (Cross-Border Trade in Services - Non-Conforming Measures), the reservations taken by that Party with respect to existing measures by a Party that do not conform with obligations imposed by:

and, in certain cases, sets out commitments for immediate or future liberalization.

2. Each reservation sets out the following elements:

3. In the interpretation of a reservation, all elements of the reservation, with the exception of Industry Classification, shall be considered.  A reservation shall be interpreted in the light of the relevant provisions of the Articles against which the reservation is taken. To the extent that:

4. Where a Party maintains a measure that requires a service provider be a citizen, permanent resident or resident of its territory as a condition to the provision of a service in its territory, a reservation for that measure taken with respect to Article 902, 903 or 905 (Cross-Border Trade in Services – National Treatment, Most-Favoured Nation Treatment or Local Presence) shall operate as a reservation with respect to Article 803, 804 or 807 (Investment - National Treatment, Most-Favoured Nation Treatment or Performance Requirements) to the extent of that measure.

5. The listing of a measure in this Annex is without prejudice to a future claim that Annex II may apply to the measure or some application of the measure.

6. For purposes of this Annex:

CPC means Central Product Classification (CPC) numbers as set out in Statistical Office of the United Nations, Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 77, Provisional Central Product Classification, 1991; and

SIC means Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) numbers as set out in Statistics Canada, Standard Industrial Classification, fourth edition, 1980.

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