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Canada’s chairing of the CPTPP Commission in 2024

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) created a system of rotating chairmanship based on the order of the Agreement’s ratification. In 2024, Canada is chairing the CPTPP Commission, working to advance the Agreement in a manner that reflects the interests of our partners, businesses, civil society, and the public.

Canada’s priorities for the 2024 CPTPP Commission

Following New Zealand in 2023 and preceding Australia in 2025, Canada is responsible for chairing the CPTPP Commission in 2024. As Chair, Canada will seek to advance outcomes centered around three priorities:

  1. Progressive stewardship of the Agreement: The most significant endeavour under this priority will be the General Review of the CPTPP, which is a requirement for the CPTPP members to examine how the Agreement is functioning, identify opportunities for potential improvement, and advance discussions in new areas of work such as digital trade. Canada also intends to further improve the functioning of the CPTPP by working with all Parties to monitor the implementation of the Agreement.
  2. Comprehensive utilization of the Agreement: Canada will seek to increase businesses’ utilization of CPTPP preferences across traditionally underrepresented groups in trade, including SMEs, women-owned firms, and Indigenous businesses. To this end, Canada will seek to engage with businesses and civil society throughout 2024, with a view to highlighting the benefits of the Agreement as well as facilitating B2B connections.
  3. Developing an effective path forward on accession: This final priority will be guided by the CPTPP “Auckland Principles”, which state that the CPTPP is open to accession by any economy that is willing and able to meet the CPTPP’s high standards, has a demonstrated history of compliance with their existing trade commitments, and can achieve the consensus of CPTPP Parties.
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