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Cross-border trade in services chapter summary

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Canada is home to a wide array of globally competitive companies active in areas such as engineering, architecture, information management, environmental protection and monitoring, mining and energy development. A large number of these Canadian service suppliers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, are trading services at a distance using information technology. These companies will benefit from a modernized cross-border trade in services (CBTS) chapter in the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), as it will provide more secure and predictable access to markets in the United States and Mexico.

The CBTS chapter builds on previous free trade agreements by including obligations and commitments that will provide enhanced transparency and predictability for service providers. Key features of the chapter include obligations that maintain a level playing field by ensuring that Canadian service suppliers will be afforded the same treatment as provided by other CUSMA countries to third Parties and to domestic service suppliers. The chapter also enables parties to reach a balanced outcome by allowing parties to list their respective non-conforming measures for sectors that are particularly sensitive and for which a party needs to preserve policy flexibility.

Technical summary of negotiated outcomes: Cross-border trade in services

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