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A competitive economy can drive a nation’s productivity and prosperity, which can lead to sustainable and inclusive economic growth. By working together, countries within a free trade zone can harmonize and coordinate across key policy areas, including infrastructure, education and training, technological readiness and innovation, in order to maximize regional competitiveness and grow their exports.

The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) will include a new chapter on competitiveness, which recognizes North America’s unique commercial ties, extensive trade flows and integrated production platform. This chapter focuses on strengthening regional economic growth, prosperity and competitiveness through the promotion of economic integration and the enhanced competiveness of the region’s exports. The chapter formalizes trilateral cooperation previously undertaken to coordinate policies and projects that advance North American competitiveness.

Note that this summary describes the competitiveness chapter, which formalizes trilateral cooperation to help advance North American competitiveness. A different chapter, known as the competition policy chapter, includes commitments addressing anti-competitive business practices.

Technical summary of negotiated outcomes: Competitiveness

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