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Investing in Canada with CUSMA

More and more global companies are investing in Canada thanks to our top talent, abundant natural resources and preferential access to markets around the globe. Find out how the Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement makes our market even more attractive to investors from the United-States and Mexico:

Welcoming investment climate

Canada is recognized as the best country in the G20 to do business. For more than a decade, we’ve led all G7 countries in economic growth. What’s more, investors benefit from:

Priority access to global markets

If you’re an American or Mexican company operating in Canada, CUSMA may offer you preferential market access to both the European Union (EU) and North American markets. Only Canada has investment treaties in place with all 27 EU member states.

Enhanced investor protection

If you’re an investor from the U.S. or Mexico, CUSMA provides greater certainty, transparency and protection for your investments. CUSMA’s Investment Chapter offers important guarantees to American and Mexican investors in Canada. Some of its core protections include:

Lower investment restrictions

CUSMA encourages investment by limiting market access restrictions on investors. Under CUSMA, investors from the United-States and Mexico benefit from a higher review threshold under the Investment Canada Act.

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