Notice to Producers of Passenger Vehicles, Light Trucks and Heavy Trucks

Article 8 (Transitions) of the Appendix (Provisions Related to the Product-Specific Rules of Origin for Automotive Goods) to Chapter 4 (Rules of Origin) of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) provides for alternative staging regimes, during which eligible passenger vehicles and light trucks would be subject to a longer period of transition for a specified period of time ("transition period"). Producers of heavy trucks may also request an alternative staging regime.

In order to be eligible for an alternative staging regime, vehicle producers must submit a request to each of the CUSMA parties. If the request covers more than ten percent of the producer’s total North American production, the Agreement requires that a ‘detailed and credible plan’ be submitted. Such plan should describe the changes the producer intends to make to its operations, sourcing, and vehicle content to meet the CUSMA rules of origin at the end of the transition period. In accordance with CUSMA, all three parties must agree to the granting of an alternative staging regime to a vehicle producer. 

To facilitate trilateral agreement, producers are encouraged to ensure that all submissions meet the information requirements outlined above and in the related U.S. Federal Register notice on alternative staging regimes.

Submissions must be received by July 1, 2020, in order to be considered.

Submissions and requests for further information should be conveyed to Martin Thornell, Senior Advisor, Tariffs and Goods Market Access, Global Affairs Canada (email:; telephone: 613-404-1472) or Nadine Charest, Senior Trade Policy Officer, Tariffs and Goods Market Access, Global Affairs Canada (email: ; telephone: 613-853-7380).  

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