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Modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement: Benefits for Canada

As one of Canada’s long-standing trading partners, Israel represents an important market for Canadian goods and services. Through the modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), Canada and Israel are creating the right conditions for increased trade and new opportunities to further expand the Canada-Israel economic partnership.


Canada’s progressive trade agenda

The modernized CIFTA is more than just an ambitious trade agreement; it is a new progressive partnership. It is the product of bilateral cooperation to expand the Agreement to include progressive trade elements on gender, small and medium sized enterprises, and corporate social responsibility. These new elements promote the values of Canada’s progressive trade agenda to ensure that the benefits and opportunities that flow from trade and investment are more broadly shared by Canadians.

New progressive elements:

Modernization overview and chapters

In July 2015, Canada and Israel completed negotiations to update four chapters in the Agreement: Dispute Settlement, Goods Market Access, Institutional Provisions, and Rules of Origin. The Agreement was also expanded to include seven new chapters: E-Commerce, Intellectual Property, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Technical Barriers to Trade, Trade and Environment, Trade and Labour, and Trade Facilitation.

Updated chapters:

New chapters:

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