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Country profile: Israel

Why Israel matters

Modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Israel trade snapshot

Figure 1 - Canada’s Top Exports to Israel (2019-22 average)

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Canada's Top Exports to Israel
2019-22 average($CAD)
Oil Seeds, Oleaginous Fruits, Industrial or Medicinal Plants, Straw and Fodder$59,448,000
Electrical or Electronic Machinery and Equipment$53,833,000
Industrial Machinery and Equipment$49,579,000
Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Bicycles, Motorcycles and Other Similar Vehicles$45,524,000
Optical, Medical, Photographic, Scientific and Technical Instrumentation$37,368,000

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Canada-Israel trade

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Canada’s top merchandise imports from Israel (2019-2022 average)

Canada’s service imports from Israel (2021)

Canada’s top merchandise exports to Israel (2019-2022 average)

Canada’s service exports to Israel (2021)

How CIFTA helps Canada-Israel trade and investment

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