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Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 13: Administration of the Agreement

Article 13-1: The Joint Commission

1. The Parties hereby establish the Joint Commission, comprising each Party’s Minister primarily responsible for international trade or a designee.

2. The Joint Commission shall:

(a) supervise the implementation of this Agreement;

(b) review the general functioning of this Agreement, including the overall trade relationship between the Parties;

(c) oversee the further elaboration of this Agreement, including proposing amendments to the Agreement;

(d) supervise the work of all bodies established under this Agreement;

(e) adopt procedural rules that shall apply to dispute settlement proceedings, in addition to the provisions of Chapter 14 (Dispute Settlement); and

(f) consider any other matter that may affect the operation of this Agreement.

3. The Joint Commission may:

(a) adopt interpretative decisions concerning this Agreement binding on panels composed under Article 14-8;

(b) recommend to the Parties an extension of the transition period defined in Article 8-5 of Chapter 8 (Emergency Action);

(c) seek the advice of non-governmental persons or groups;

(d) take such other action in the exercise of its functions as the Parties may agree; and

(e) propose amendments to the Parties in accordance with the objectives of this Agreement, to the following parts thereof:

(i) the schedule of a Party contained in Annex 2-3, for the purpose of adding one or more goods excluded in the Tariff Elimination Schedule,

(ii) the phase-out periods established in Annex 2-3, for the purpose of accelerating the tariff reduction, and

(iii) the rules of origin established in Annex 4-1;

4. At the request of the Committee on the Environment established under the Agreement on the Environment, the Commission may propose amendments to Annex 1-5 to include other MEAs, to include amendments to any MEAs, or remove any MEAs listed in that Annex.

5. The Commission shall consider the reports and recommendations of the Committee on the Environment, established under the Agreement on the Environment, in respect of any issues related to trade and the environment.

6. The Commission may establish and delegate responsibilities to committees, subcommittees or working groups. Except where specifically provided for in this Agreement, the committees, subcommittees and working groups shall work under a mandate recommended by the Contact Points referred to in Article 13-2 and approved by the Commission.

7. The Commission shall establish its rules and procedures. All decisions of the Commission shall be taken by mutual agreement.

8. The Commission shall convene as agreed, or upon the request in writing of either Party. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, meetings of the Commission may be held in person or by any technological means available and shall be held or deemed to be held alternately in the territory of each Party.

Article 13-2: Contact Points

1. Each Party shall promptly appoint a Contact Point and notify the other Party.

2. The Contact Points shall:

(a) monitor the work of all bodies established under this Agreement, referred to in Annex 13-2;

(b) recommend to the Commission the establishment of such bodies as they consider necessary to assist the Commission;

(c) coordinate preparations for Commission meetings;

(d) follow up on any decisions taken by the Commission, as appropriate;

(e) receive all notifications and information provided pursuant to this Agreement, and, as necessary, facilitate communications between the Parties on any matter covered by this Agreement; and

(f) deal with any other matter that may affect the operation of this Agreement, as mandated by the Commission.

3. Regular meetings of the Contact Points may be held; such meetings shall be held as often as requested by one of them.

4. Each Party may request in writing at any time that a special meeting of the Contact Points be held. Such a meeting shall take place within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request.

5. Both regular and special meetings of the Contact Points may be held in person or by any technological means available.

Article 13-3: Trade-Related Cooperation

To realize the objectives of this Agreement and in order to contribute to the implementation of its provisions, and in order to help the Parties to maximize the opportunities and benefits deriving from this Agreement, the Parties declare their readiness to explore, as appropriate and subject to the availability of resources, trade-related technical assistance.

Annex 13-2

Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups

1. Committees:

Committee on Trade in Goods and Rules of Origin

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