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Canada-Morocco Free Trade Agreement Negotiations

Last Updated June 2012.

Canada and Morocco have completed three rounds of negotiations toward a free trade agreement, with a fourth planned for 2013. Good progress has been made so far on all aspects of the negotiations, notably in areas related to custom procedures, sanitary and phytosanitary measures and government procurement. An FTA with Morocco would be Canada’s first such agreement with an African country, and Morocco could be a gateway to a renewed Canadian commercial presence in the Mediterranean region and in North Africa

For more information, please see additional information on the Canada-Morocco Free Trade Agreement negotiations.


The government appreciates the input of all Canadians who have contributed to the consultative process to date and wishes to assure them that their views will be taken into account as the Canada-Morocco initiative proceeds and in the development of Canada's trade agenda more broadly. The government will continue to seek stakeholders’ views through the Foreign Affairs and International Trade website to ensure that their interests and concerns are taken into account during the negotiations.

Canada is now conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) to inform these negotiations. Comments are invited on any likely and significant environmental impacts which a Canada-Morocco FTA may have on Canada.

Past consultations on this initiative include:

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If you have questions or comments about this initiative we would like to hear from you. Please contact Global Affairs Canada at:

Canada-Morocco FTA Negotiations
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