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Consolidated TPP Text – Annex IV – Schedule of Peru

Obligations Concerned: Article 17.6.1(a) (Non-commercial Assistance) with respect to the production and sale of a good in competition with a like good produced and sold by a covered investment in the territory of Peru.

Entity: Petróleos del Perú (PETROPERU S.A.) or its successor.

Scope of Non-Conforming Activities: With respect to Article 17.6.1(a) (Non-commercial Assistance), PETROPERU S.A. or its successor may, in a restructuring process that includes the private participation in equity or management in the enterprise or both, receive non-commercial assistance that could have an impact in their activities of exploitation, refining, production and sales of fuels and other oil products.

Measures: Legislative Decree Nº 43 (Ley de la Empresa Petróleos del Perú, PETROPERU), “El Peruano” Official Gazette of March 05, 1981.

Obligations Concerned: Article 17.4.1(a) (Non-discriminatory Treatment and Commercial Considerations) in relation to the purchase of a good or service.

Entity: All existing and future state-owned enterprises at the central level of government.

Scope of Non-Conforming Activities: Existing and future state-owned enterprises may accord more favourable treatment to socially or economically disadvantaged minorities and ethnic groups in the purchase of goods and services.

For the purposes of this reservation, “ethnic groups” means indigenous, native and peasant communities.

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