David MacNaughton, Ambassador of Canada to the United States

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Message from the Ambassador

Canada has no closer friend, partner and ally than the United States. The Canada–U.S. relationship is grounded in our shared values; our desire to build a prosperous future for citizens on both sides of the border; and our common commitment to security at home and abroad.

Our economic partnership forms the core of our relationship. This partnership is free, fair, and balanced – supporting millions of jobs on both sides of the border. Much of our economic activity is the result of working together and making things together. This collaboration has led to advances in medicine, science, and technology that help people at home and abroad live safer and more prosperous lives.

Together, we share a deep resolve to protect our continent’s natural beauty through sound environmental stewardship. We are jointly seeking innovative solutions to keep our air and waterways pristine for future generations. At the same time, Canada is the United States’ largest and most secure energy supplier. Canadian oil, natural gas, and electricity power the U.S. and support economic growth across the country.

Canadian and U.S. law enforcement work together at the border to ensure our citizens are secure. We collaborate on enforcement and share information to track known threats. At home and abroad, Canada’s military men and women serve alongside their U.S. peers, leading in the global fight against terrorism, responding to humanitarian and natural disasters, and protecting vulnerable communities from acts of aggression.

It is a privilege to serve as Canada’s representative to the United States and to work with the team at Canada’s Embassy in Washington and our Consulates General across the country to deepen what is already the world’s most successful bilateral relationship.

David MacNaughton
Ambassador of Canada


Canada’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Mr. David MacNaughton, presented his credentials to President Obama on March 3, 2016.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and political strategist, Mr. MacNaughton brings a unique set of skills and experiences to his role as Ambassador.

In the 1980s, Mr. MacNaughton transformed the public affairs industry by building an organization that comprised government relations, public opinion research and public relations. After selling his business in 1989, Mr. MacNaughton became President of Canada’s largest government and public relations firm and subsequently North American President of the world’s largest public relations firm.  From 1995 until 2003, Mr. MacNaughton was President of Strathshore Financial and was an advisor to one of Canada’s leading investment banks.

Mr. MacNaughton’s public sector experience includes work at both the federal and provincial levels, including as advisor to the Minister at the Departments of Transport, Industry and Foreign Affairs.  He was principal secretary to the Premier of Ontario from 2003 to 2005 and the Chairman of StrategyCorp from 2005 until his appointment.

Active in community affairs, Mr. MacNaughton has served on the boards of the North York General Hospital, the Stratford Festival, the National Ski Academy, TV Ontario, the Toronto French School and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Mr. MacNaughton is married. He has four daughters and five grandchildren.

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