Consulate General of Canada in Seattle, United States

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We do not provide visa or immigration services

Visa applications and further inquiries (such as Canadian permanent residency documents and criminal inadmissibility to Canada) can be submitted to our Visa Offices in either Los Angeles or New York.

For information regarding immigration to Canada please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

Employees of the diplomatic community and international organizations can direct inquiries to the office in Washington DC.

We do not provide citizenship or regular passport services for Canadians in the United States

Government of Canada offices in the United States do not provide citizenship services or regular passport services. You must send your applications to Canada by mail. Please visit the Canadian passports website and the Canadian citizenship website for more information regarding these services.

If you need a passport urgently contact the Canadian Citizen Services Contact Centre for Canadians in the U.S. at 844-880-6519. Please be advised that additional fees apply for urgent services.

General enquiries

Send us your feedback, questions or comments.

Telephone: 206-443-1777

Fax: 206-443-9662


Consular services

Get emergency help and assistance with travel documents when travelling abroad (Canadian citizens only).

Telephone: 1-844-880-6519

Fax: 206-443-9662


Media relations

Enquiries service for journalists and media organizations.

Telephone: 206-443-1777

Fax: 206-443-9662


Trade services

Find advice and guidance with your international business or contact a trade office.


1501 4th Ave, Suite 600, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., 98101


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Brandon A. Lee
Consul General of Canada in seattle, United States

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