Canada Fund for Local Initiatives - Kosovo

The deadline for submitting a proposal has now passed. We thank you for your interest.

The Embassy of Canada in Croatia and Kosovo is pleased to launch its annual call for proposals for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) 2021-2022.

CFLI program description

CFLI supports small-scale but high-impact projects in developing countries, reflecting Canada’s foreign policy and international assistance priorities such as human rights, women’s empowerment, democracy and application of the rule of law. The CFLI program focuses on projects conceived and designed predominantly by local partners. The CFLI also serves to support positive bilateral relations between Canada and recipient countries and their civil societies, by deepening contacts and supporting local endeavours. Projects are selected and approved by the Embassy of Canada to Croatia and Kosovo based in Zagreb, Croatia.

How to apply

Organizations eligible to apply for CFLI funding

In eligible countries such as Kosovo, eligible recipients include:

Priority will be given to local civil society organizations (including non-governmental organizations). Other entities, such as international, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional organizations may be eligible for funding, provided they are working with local partners and on local projects that are consistent with the objectives of the CFLI. Similarly, municipal, regional or national government institutions may receive funding, provided that their projects are essentially local in nature. The Embassy encourages organisations, which have not benefited from CFLI funding before to apply. In assessing applications, the selection committee will prioritize applications focusing on concrete results that are innovative, sustainable and accountable to their participants and communities.

Thematic priorities

All projects must align with the thematic priorities identified as:

1) The advancement and empowerment of women and girls. This can be defined as:


2)  Inclusive governance including diversity, human rights and the rule of law. This can be defined as:

*Where possible, CFLI projects should also include a focus on engagement, inclusion and exchange between various ethnic communities, with a view to supporting multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity in Kosovo.

Gender-Based Analysis (GBA)

In 2017, Canada adopted a Feminist International Assistance Policy to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. In alignment with this policy, a Gender-Based Analysis will be a required element of the CFLI project application process.

A Gender-Based Analysis will require applicants to:

Consultations can include, but are not limited to: speaking to women and girls from the local community; speaking to women and other individuals who work for civil society organizations that have worked in the local community; speaking to female and male decision and change-makers, who have knowledge of the local community. Inadequate completion of a Gender-Based Analysis may affect the consideration of your proposal.

Eligible costs

The following costs are eligible within projects for CFLI funding:

The following costs are not eligible for CFLI funding:

Application documents

To obtain these documents or for questions about the application process, please contact Dino Galinovic by email at

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