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Regulations Amending the Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations

Whereas the Governor in Council is of the opinion that the actions of the Russian Federation constitute a grave breach of international peace and security that has resulted in a serious international crisis;

Therefore, Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, makes the annexed Regulations Amending the Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations under subsections 4(1)a, (1.1)b, (2)c and (3) of the Special Economic Measures Actd.

a S.C. 2022, c. 10, s. 438(1)

b S.C. 2017, c. 21, s. 17(2) 

c S.C. 2022, c. 10, s. 438(2) 

d S.C. 1992, c. 17


1 Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations1 is amended by adding the following in numerical order:

  1. Sergey Valeryevich SKORYKH (born on August 14, 1978)
  2. Yuriy Nikolaevich KORKISHKO
  3. Boris Yuryevich TITOV (born on December 24, 1960)
  4. Pavel Borisovich TITOV (born on March 19, 1984)
  5. Alexey Dmitriyevich KOZAK (born on January 3, 1984)
  6. Eduard Yuryevich KHUDAINATOV (born on September 11, 1960)
  7. Alexey Evgenyevich REPIK (born on August 27, 1979)
  8. Svetlana Alexandrovna KRIVONOGIKH (born on March 10, 1975)
  9. Aytech Magamedovich BIZHEV (born on October 5, 1950)
  10. Aleksandr Dmitrievich KHARICHEV (born on February 8, 1966)
  11. Boris Yakovlevich RAPOPORT (born on August 14, 1967)
  12. Vladislav Evgenovich MASALOV (born on July 24, 1970)
  13. Alexey Evgenyevich LIKHACHEV (born on December 23, 1962)
  14. Kirill Borisovich KOMAROV (born on December 29, 1973)
  15. Konstantin Ivanovich DENISOV (born on April 25, 1960)
  16. Sergey Gennadyevich NOVIKOV (born on February 20, 1962)
  17. Yuri Vladimirovich YAKOVLEV (born on April 29, 1952)

2 Part 2 of Schedule 1 to the Regulations is amended by adding the following in numerical order:

  1. Vega Radio Engineering Corporation JSC
  3. Delovaya Rossiya
  4. Aviacon Zitotrans JSC
  5. Plant “Universalmash” JSC
  6. Zavod Elecon JSC
  7. Corporation for Special Purpose Space Systems “Kometa” JSC
  8. Research and Production Corporation “Space Monitoring Systems, Information-Control and Electromechanical Complexes” named after A.G. Iosifyan
  9. Production and Design Enterprise IRIS JSC
  10. Federal State Financed Institution of Science Physics and Technology Institute named after A.F. Ioffe
  12. VNII Signal
  13. Elvees Research and Development Center, JSC
  14. Radioavtomatika LLC
  15. State Scientific Research Institute for Organic Chemistry and Technology
  16. Joint Stock Company Research and Development Enterprise Radiosvyaz
  17. Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant
  18. Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant

Application Before Publication

3 For the purpose of paragraph 11(2)(a) of the Statutory Instruments Act, these Regulations apply according to their terms before they are published in the Canada Gazette.

Coming into Force

4 These Regulations come into force on the day on which they are registered.

1 SOR/2014-58

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