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Canada’s international action on climate change

Federal actions for a clean growth economy.

Polar issues

Threats of climate change, transboundary pollution and ozone depletion are realities particularly in the north and south poles.

International fisheries

Managing high seas fish stocks and ensuring the health of the world’s oceans.

Canada’s international support

Canada's priorities, Paris Agreement, Climate and Clean Air Coalition, international financing and agreements.

International actions against heavy metal pollution

Reducing pollution from mercury and other heavy metals.

International habitat conservation programs

The Convention on Wetlands, Convention on Biological Diversity, World Biosphere Reserve Program.

International plant protection

The North American Plant Protection Organization and the International Plant Protection Convention.

Water in developing countries

Our support for water initiatives in developing countries.

Supporting environmental sustainability in developing countries

Canada’s work with partners to support environmental sustainability.

Climate change in developing countries

We support global efforts that contribute to climate action in developing countries.

Conducting marine scientific research in Canada

Information for foreign researchers seeking to conduct research in marine areas under Canadian jurisdiction.

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