Canadian international assistance in Colombia

Colombia is one of the oldest democracies in Latin America. It has a diversified and fast-growing economy and an active civil society.

It is also marked by significant income inequality, weak state presence in certain rural areas, and is recovering from a decades-long internal armed conflict between the government, guerrilla movements, and armed criminal groups.

This conflict subjected the civilian population to a range of human rights violations and threats to their security. Colombia has the world's largest population of internally displaced persons (at least 6.8 million) and one of the largest numbers of landmine victims.

In recent years, the Government of Colombia has succeeded in reducing extreme poverty and in improving basic services in some rural areas. In November 2016, the government and the FARC signed an historic peace agreement ending the last major guerrilla war in the Americas.

Our international development assistance

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The overall goal of Canada's international development program in Colombia is to improve human rights and reduce inequality and poverty for the most vulnerable in conflict-affected areas, particularly for women, children, and ethnic minorities.

The Government of Colombia has identified its development priorities in its National Development Plan 2014-2018. Canada's development program in Colombia supports these priorities. Canada also plays a leadership role in overall donor coordination, including by chairing the main Donor Coordination Group and the Donor Roundtable on Gender Equality.

Fostering a more inclusive and sustainable economy

Key anticipated results:

Education and protection of the rights of children and youth

Key anticipated results:

Supporting Colombia’s peace implementation

Canada’s international assistance also supports Colombia’s peacebuilding efforts. This includes being the lead donor to the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Post Conflict in Colombia, supporting landmine clearance in 10 of the most mine-contaminated municipalities of the country, and working with the government to bring protection and compensation services for 140,000 hard-to-reach victims of armed conflict in three municipalities.

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