Canadian international assistance in Morocco

Morocco is currently one of the most stable countries in the region. It is an emerging country in North Africa that is implementing numerous sectoral strategies, several infrastructure programs, and an aggressive trade strategy with sub-Saharan African countries. Morocco is targeting a 52% renewable energy share by 2030, including through the major solar and wind projects in Ouarzazate and Tarfaya, respectively. Hosting COP 22 in Marrakesh from November 07 to 18, 2016, focussed domestic concerns on climate change.

Although it has so far been spared the disturbances affecting the region, it still faces major economic, political, social, and security challenges. The main challenge will be to address social, economic and geographic inequalities, in order to meet numerous citizen expectations with respect to youth unemployment, poverty, and education. Those challenges include gender equality and the low economic participation rate for women, which is having a major impact on the country’s development.

The Moroccan government's main priority is ensuring that young people can enter the labour market, in order to give them a future that would ensure sustainable social stability.

Programming in Morocco

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The ultimate objective of Canada’s programming in Morocco is to work with Morocco to help provide greater prosperity and a better future for young Moroccans, especially the most disadvantaged. Projects help to improve youth employability and education and meet labour market needs, and support women’s economic empowerment, opening of markets, and the green economy.

The programming is aligned with Morocco’s priority reforms and the Government of Canada’s priorities in relation to development assistance. Gender equality is a major theme, and all projects must directly address issues related to women’s rights.

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