Canada’s response to the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti

On August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck near Saint-Louis–du-Sud, Haiti. Thousands of people were killed or wounded, with many unaccounted for, and tens of thousands have been displaced by this tragic event. The earthquake destroyed homes and damaged infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, along the coast of Haiti’s southern peninsula.

How Canada is helping

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, Canada is providing up to $5 million in humanitarian assistance to address the lifesaving needs of those most affected by the disaster.

Recognizing the generosity of Canadians and their desire to assist those affected by the earthquake, the Government of Canada launched a matching fund on August 27, 2021.

How the matching fund works

The Government of Canada will match, dollar for dollar, donations made by individual Canadians to the Humanitarian Coalition, and its members, between August 16 and September 3, 2021, for crisis relief in Haiti up to a maximum of $2 million.

Global Affairs Canada will transfer the matching funds to the Humanitarian Coalition, which will in turn allocate the funds among its members based on criteria such as their capacity and presence in the affected region.

This funding is part of the $5 million in support of earthquake relief efforts that Canada is providing through experienced humanitarian partners.

How Canadians can help

Visit the Humanitarian Coalition’s appeal.

Make a donation between August 16 and September 3, 2021. If you want to make a donation by cheque, make it payable to a registered charity. Do not make your cheque payable to an individual or to the Government of Canada. If you want to make a donation online, make sure that your payment method is secure.

Assistance for Canadians in Haiti

Canadians should continue to avoid non-essential travel to Haiti.

Canadians in need of consular assistance in Haiti should call the Embassy of Canada to Haiti. At any time, you may also call the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa.

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