How can you help during a disaster abroad

Canadians feel strongly about helping to support communities affected by natural disasters and other emergencies abroad.

What is the best way to help?

The best way for Canadians to help during an emergency situation is to donate money to experienced humanitarian organizations.

The benefits of cash donations

Cash donations are the fastest, most efficient way to get help to people living in a disaster zone. They allow relief agencies to purchase supplies quickly based on the specific needs of the affected population.

Cash donations allow relief agencies to purchase goods and services in the affected country or neighbouring areas to help:

In most cases, it is more cost-effective to purchase goods locally than to airlift supplies from far away. Also, local goods can be purchased in much less time than it takes to organize the logistics of an airlift from a distant country.

Why not donate food, clothing and other goods?

There are many logistical considerations to consider before donating food, clothing and other goods in times of humanitarian crises, including:

Be creative with donated goods

Think about how to turn clothes, toys and other goods into cash donations into cash donations. Here are some ideas to consider:

Considerations for people who want to volunteer in an affected country

Before volunteering your services, here is some information to consider:

If you have skills that can be useful in a humanitarian crisis, you could approach relief organizations in advance to register as a volunteer and to get advice from them on how to prepare yourself to leave for a disaster zone at short notice.

How to get involved in Canada

Consider opportunities to get involved in your own community that can help support the needs of Canada’s crisis response:

Where to find information about experienced humanitarian organizations

The Government of Canada works with experienced humanitarian partners and relief agencies to deliver humanitarian assistance in affected areas.

For a list of projects profiles, per country, including executing agencies/partners with which the Government of Canada worked with in the past, see the International Development Project Browser.

For a list of registered charities to support, visit Donating to help victims of a disaster or other emergency.

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