Northern Tour 2016

About the Northern Tour

The Northern Tour is a unique opportunity for Foreign Heads of Mission to meet and speak with Northerners and learn more about the Arctic, its diverse people and cultures. With this tour through three territories and three provinces, we advance Canadian foreign policy objectives related to Environment and Climate Change; Indigenous Affairs and Northern Economic Development.

The Government of Canada is partnering with Northerners, their governments and Indigenous peoples to address the issues important to them.  This tour also travels to Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Manitoba, home to remote northern communities.  Foreign Heads of Mission will return with a better understanding of our North, of Canada and Canadians.

The program highlights the following:

  • Economic Development: sustainable development relies on local industries such as tourism, natural resources and government services.
  • Environment and Climate Change: Northerners are amongst the first to witness the impacts of climate change. Science and technology based on traditional knowledge addresses these challenges.
  • Governance: the tour is also about meeting political and traditional leaders to understand what is important for them and their communities.
  • Culture and Tradition: most of all, the trip is about people. Northerners have a lot to teach the rest of the world about their relationship with nature and its fragile balance, their distinctive languages and ancestral traditions.

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