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Empowering women and youth in Egypt

Helping young Egyptians, especially women, get the job skills they need is essential to their wellbeing.

Sanaa ironing the labels.

A skilled workforce is an important foundation of sustainable economic growth. Countries that invest heavily in human capital usually demonstrate the strongest growth.  More than a quarter of Egyptians are in the 15-to-24 age group. At least 90 percent of Egypt's unemployed are under 30 years of age.

Women, in particular, face significant hurdles to full and effective participation in many economies as employees, employers, and entrepreneurs, often due to legal, social, regulatory, and cultural barriers. Empowering women to be active economic actors has significant potential to increase sustainable economic growth, bring more benefits to women and their families and accelerate poverty reduction

Canada is committed to the economic empowerment and improvement of work conditions for youth and women. With the Decent Employment for Youth project, Canada aims to support the Government of Egypt’s efforts to stimulate sustainable economic growth and provide appropriate jobs for young people.

Hag Salah Ali Hassan is the owner of one of the small enterprises supported by the project. With the help of his two sons, Hassan manages 25 workers, 6 young women and 19 men, who are working full time, dying thread and producing printed labels and emblems. The young women sit in an airy and spacious room preparing the labels. They are grateful to have the opportunity to make some money and help their families while working in a decent environment.   

To date, with Canada’s support, this project has increased the professional capacity of approximately 35 percent of all technical staff at the Ministry of Manpower and Migration and has rolled out skills for employment curriculum and training programs to all of Egypt’s higher-education technical colleges and 15 public universities.

The project has also created more than 2,500 job opportunities for youth, women and other marginalized groups in its target regions. Overall, the project has significantly strengthened the abilities of government ministries, the private sector and not-for-profit institutions to implement Egypt’s Youth Employment National Action Plan.

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