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Celebrating Canada in Belize

High Commissioner Chatsis and her team participate in a Belizean morning show to promote the exhibit and Canada150

Minister Erlington and High Commissioner Chatsis inaugurate the exhibit

Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington made an impassioned speech about Canada-Belize’s relationship at the launch event for Canada 150 in the Central American nation.

He mentioned how former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had supported Belize’s independence in 1981 and how he owed his own career to a Canadian scholarship he received and that Canada’s help in combatting climate change is greatly appreciated.

The minister made his remarks at the opening of an exhibit of definitive Canadian photographs held in the historic Belize City Government House of Culture. 

The show called “Canada, synonym of…” portrays different parts of modern life from multiculturalism, to protection of the environment, economy and our involvement in the world.

The exhibit featured a series of photos portraying Canada’s multiculturalism, ways we protect the environment, economy, and how we interact with the world.

The exhibit also served to show the important ties and people-to-people connections between Canada and Belize, as both countries share a membership to the Commonwealth, a multicultural society, the use of English language, and a similar Parliamentary system.

Many Belizeans, both students and civil servants, have or are studying in Canada. There are also over 4,000 Canadian citizens living here, and contributing to Belize's economy. Last year, more than 156,000 Canadians visited Belize and we expect the numbers to grow thanks to more flight connections.

TV news and a national morning show also had extensive coverage of the exhibit.
Interviewers were interested in gender equality in the Canadian public service, Canada’s position on the border dispute between Guatemala and Belize, and Canada’s position on immigration and on the United States.

The exhibit organized by Canada’s embassy staff in Guatemala moved to a venue in the north of Belize for July 1.

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