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Indonesia pushes the boat out to celebrate Canada150

The main programme of the event began with the surprise arrival of Ambassador MacArthur paddling a kayak against the beautiful Lake Moraine wearing a full business suit.

The guests enjoyed Canadian refreshments and the opportunity to talk with the Ambassador and program managers, including our female colonel.

Cardboard cut-outs of Ryan Gosling, Drake, Celine Dion and other Canadian celebrities stood on guard to help Indonesia celebrate Canada150. Videos from Simple plan and Shawn Mendes played along to display even more Canadian talent.

Canada’s embassy in Jakarta pushed a kayak with Ambassador Peter McArthur in it to ring in the celebrations.

The Ambassador paddled into the event against a backdrop of mountains, the Peace Tower in Ottawa and other typically Canadian vistas.  Aboriginal art was represented by a totem pole and an Inuksuk.
He took the opportunity to talk about the ties of Canadian communities to their natural environment, and the important part of the Inuit culture and tradition that make the kayak a fitting symbol to launch the Canada150 event. 

McArthur highlighted the history of Canada and highlighted the four themes of the Canada 150 – diversity and inclusion, reconciliation with Indigenous people, youth and the environment.

“It’s these ties to our communities, to our natural environment, and to an important part of Inuit culture and tradition that make the kayak a fitting symbol to begin this launch event for the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation,” said McArthur.

Among many other highlights, his presentation included photos of the Prime Minister welcoming Syrian refugees, Canadian peacekeeping soldiers helping children, Canadian renewable energy technology and youth.

The event generated positive local TV coverage, and made both press and social media.

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