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Canada’s embassy in Poland transports virtual visitors at science show

Visitors to the Canada kiosk at Poland’s Science Picnic were whisked across the Atlantic to Canadian shores in an instant. Warsaw’s Canadian Embassy booth showcased a 360-video virtual reality kit.

By pulling a mask over their eyes and using headphones hundreds of visitors were able to look around from Canadian soil in real time. 

But the digital frontiers didn’t end there. Visitors in Warsaw could also play the Minecraft Edition of the Geology of Alberta. The gaming platform for exploring 3D worlds created models of select regions of Alberta’s geography.

The Vancouver-based global communications company MDA were also on hand to display their high resolution images from space. And Canadian SMART Technologies used their interactive screens and notebook to engage kids to creatively interpret Canada’s flag.

This virtual tour of Canada from the skies to seas to underground gelled with the Science Picnic’s theme of The Earth.

The Polish Science Picnic is Europe’s largest outdoor event aims to promote science. Over 200 institutions from 17 countries took part and more than 70,000 visitors attended.

Every year, the event attracts crowds of visitors to Warsaw to interact with scientific institutions, universities, research institutes, museums, cultural institutions, and foundations related to science and science clubs.

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