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Gifts that Give

Jordan Reeves, Consul General of Canada (MMBAI) celebrating Canada 150 with children at Mumbai Mobile Creches

Ian Shugart, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs discussing Canada with students at the Royal City School

MMBAI has made donations to two local schools for underprivileged kids. The donated funds were raised by auctioning gifts that the mission received from official events over the past year.

In March 2017, Ian Shugart, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, joined MMBAI to donate to the Royal City School, located in Mumbai’s largest and densest slum, Dharavi, which has more than one million inhabitants. The Deputy Minister attended a short presentation by NGO Reality Gives, which since 2009 has worked with the local community to provide language and computer classes, supporting almost 400 students. After donating school supplies and funds, the Deputy Minister had an interactive question and answers session with eight-year-old students who asked him a variety of questions, including about life in Canada, his favourite foods and what he likes to do in his free time. The best question? It came from a young girl, who asked in a loud voice, “Sir, what are your qualifications?”

In July 2017, Jordan Reeves, Consul General of Canada in Mumbai, visited a school/daycare located on a large construction site run by Mumbai Mobile Creches, an NGO supporting the health, education and safety of the children of migrant construction labourers. Since 1972, Mumbai Mobile Creches has reached over 100,000 children across 270 construction sites in the region. Consul General Reeves, Consul Leonard Reil, and Media Officer Jayita Phulsunge met with three groups of children and their teachers for animated discussions about Canada, snow, polar bears and Canada 150.

Donating the proceeds of our auction in person gave us a glimpse into the important work being done by these NGOs and gave the children an opportunity to meet a few of the people who are cheering for their futures.

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