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Canada Supports Strong Women through Education, Entrepreneurship

Mouna leads the Chocolate-Making Vocational Workshop.

Meet Mouna, a visionary and an entrepreneur. This is her story.

Mouna lives in Akkar with her husband and three children. She used to be an English teacher, but since becoming a mother has struggled to find suitable work. Things changed when she participated in the Akkar Network for Development’s (AND) programme, Providing Women and Adolescent Girls with a Safer Community.

“My husband and I went through financial difficulties and I tried to find a job but it was very challenging... The skills I gathered at AND helped in boosting up the family income and my self-esteem as well,” Mouna says.

With support from Canada and UNICEF, AND has been positively impacting Akkar for three years. In addition to vocational trainings, AND creates safe spaces, community centers, and offers legal assistance and educational workshops on women’s legal rights in Lebanon. The program also raises awareness about early marriage and sexual health; and extends professional mental and emotional support to women in need.

The Embassy of Canada’s development team met Mouna in Akkar, to listen to her personal journey. After a three-month vocational course in chocolate-making, Mouna committed herself to the art. With continual efforts, she eventually became renowned for her delicious chocolate, supplying the village during special occasions, and eventually supplying regional shops. “Now I can be there for my children, while earning a living at the same time. Maybe one day, I will even have my own shop.”

Mouna became a trainer at AND, helping the women she trained write their own success stories.

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