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Canadian and Australian digital game studios share knowledge

November 30, 2021

Canada Down Under, in partnership with Creative Victoria, has delivered an informative webinar with industry professionals to provide insight into the digital games industry.

With 2.7 billion gamers world-wide, the games industry is projected to surpass $200 billion by 2023 – that’s more than the book, music or movie industry.

The Canada-Melbourne Digital Games Webinar is about ensuring that smaller creative digital games studios are equipped with the knowledge to be able to scale their businesses, with two panels presenting on leadership and finding your audience.

Participants of the ‘Leadership and Scaling Your Studio’ webinar heard from industry leaders, who provided tips and shared their experiences that led to their success in the digital games sphere.

Respected industry leader, Canadian, Jason Della Rocca, co-founder of Executions Labs, led the session.

The panel featured 2 Canada-based and 2 Australia-based digital games studios, including Jesse Houston of Phoenix Labs (Canada); Julian Moroda of Norsfell Games (Canada); Clara Reeves of Hipster Whale (Australia), and Trent Kusters from League of Geeks (Australia).

The panel discussed their experiences in navigating and managing business growing pains, strategies for success and important lessons for growing a sustainable and stable business in a fast-moving environment.

Della Roca also led the second session on ‘Finding Your Audience’, where a panel discussed their experiences in finding their audience, building a community and overcoming the discoverability hurdle.

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