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Responding to Gender-Based Violence in the most vulnerable communities

A dozen people are gathered around a water hand-pump

Region: West Bank and Gaza © Peer Helpers

Throughout the UNFPA’s Responding to Gender-Based Violence in the Most Vulnerable Communities Affected by the Humanitarian Situation project, hundreds of awareness sessions took place inside safe spaces to enhance women and girls’ knowledge of SGBV, sexual harassment and women’s health-care issues.

For example, 35-year-old Ms. Z.L suffered from physical violence from her ex-husband, depriving her access to her 3 children. Ms. Z.L accessed individual psychological support

sessions, and participated in awareness sessions and workshops about gender-based violence, women’s rights and personal-status law. Group-therapy sessions with other women survivors of violence helped her ask for legal counselling and a protection order from police to protect her from her ex-husband.

She took advantage of vocational training, and Ms. Z.L has since started her own business producing natural oils for hair and skin using herbs and olive oil. “I am grateful to the centre, who supported me in changing my life to a better status and having my own source of income to fulfill my children’s needs,” she said. “I am strong now and deal with traders to get the logistics of my products and to sell them back. I hope to continue my university studies and improve my business.”

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