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Improving women’s rights starts with strong grassroots organizations in Nigeria

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Implemented by ActionAid Nigeria, the Women’s Voice and Leadership – Nigeria project directly supports at least 100 women’s rights organizations (WROs) and their networks in 6 states across Nigeria. The project uses a cascade training method where staff from larger and more established organizations act as coaches and mentors to build the capacity of smaller organizations. In the project’s first year, 18 state-level WROs and 10 national-level networks were selected. Sixty percent f these organizations reported improved governance and management practices. This organizational capacity building is an important first step to ensuring that small organizations are able to better serve women and girls and achieve concrete legislative changes to strengthen women’s rights.

“With ActionAid’s support, we have more confidence in our ability to write proposals”

Says Ms. Comfort Attah, executive director of Nigeria’s Assh foundation.

With the project’s support, the ASSH Foundation and other WROs have developed the core skills and gained the confidence needed to apply for external funding and to continue their important work in improving women’s rights in Nigeria.

Project profile — Women’s Voice and Leadership - Nigeria

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