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Hamida Abdallah Sebe: Volunteering to save her community in Kenya

A dozen people are gathered around a water hand-pump

Country: Kenya © Dr. Julien Ake, effect:hope

Through effect:hope’s Every Child Thrives project in Kenya, Hamida Abdallah Sebe is able to make a real difference in her community. In 2012, she was appointed as a community health volunteer because of her knowledge and commitment to her community’s well-being. She now takes care of 109 children under the age of 5, ensuring they receive the combined vitamin A and deworming treatment according to Kenya’s Ministry of Health guidelines.

Given her profile in the community, she has been able to increase parents’ understanding of the importance of these treatments. Children in the community are now better protected against complications caused by vitamin A deficiency such as blindness, malnutrition and infections.

Project profile — Every Child Thrives in Côte d'Ivoire and Kenya

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