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Empowering vulnerable girls in Lesotho: Libuse’s Story

A dozen people are gathered around a water hand-pump

Country: Lesotho © Help Lesotho

Through the Pearl Program, Canada supports Help Lesotho’s work in empowering vulnerable girls to fulfill their potential. This program has demonstrated to participants that there are alternatives for young girls in rural areas of Lesotho— an area particularly prone to forced early marriage, early sexual debuts, teenage pregnancy and school dropout.

Libuse joined the Pearl Program when she was in grade 7. Through the Program she has improved her confidence and made friends with whom she can discuss important issues such as decision making, healthy relationships, preventing pregnancy, and avoiding HIV-transmission. Libuse has also been inspired by the program’s women guest speakers who have shared their experiences building careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). She hopes that with hard work she will one day have a job in the computer sciences field.

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