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Countering discrimination and violence against women and people with disabilities in Haiti

© Mouvement pour l’Intégration et l’Émancipation des Femmes Handicapées (MIEFH) in collaboration with the Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale

Canada’s Women’s Voice and Leadership in Haiti project has helped local women’s rights organizations to counter violence that targets women and people with disabilities. Canada’s financial and technical support enabled organizations to hold workshops on women’s rights and on providing psychological assistance to women who have survived sexual and gender-based violence.

The Movement for the Integration and Empowerment of Women with Disabilities is one of the organizations that received support. It works with women with disabilities to improve their self-esteem and economic independence. With Canada’s support, the organization was able to carry out activities such as sexual and gender-based violence awareness and human rights information sessions. Through these sessions, the organization provided 80 participants with the tools they needed to better assert themselves and demand their rights.

“In Haiti, all too often, the rights of people living with disabilities are ignored, especially for women who face intersecting discriminations related to their condition as women and to their disability,” explains Régine Zephirin Diègue, the organization’s coordinator and founder. “Our collaboration with the Women's Voice and Leadership project has been a source of strengthening for us. It has allowed our organization to be better structured.”

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