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Providing services close to home in conflict-affected Ukraine

© Vitalii Shevelev, UNDP In Ukraine

In October 2020, the community of Severodonetsk, in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine, received a modern and convenient mobile administrative service centre. The centre can travel to remote corners of the community, bringing critical public services close to the homes of its most vulnerable residents.

Severodonetsk is one of 10 communities in eastern Ukraine that received a centre through Canada’s Mobile Service Delivery project, implemented by the UNDP. The wheelchair-accessible, 4 x 4 truck is equipped to deliver more than 70 administrative and social public services, such as registering for social benefits, registering a business or property, and obtaining a birth certificate.

The remote village of Borivske has benefited from this “service centre on wheels.” The village’s 6,000 residents, half of whom are of retirement age, are often unable to travel to the regional centre to access government services.

“Being able to receive administrative and social services near my home means that local authorities are thinking of me and my neighbours and taking into account our specific needs,” says Kateryna Ahafonova, a 71-year-old resident of Borivske.

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