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Saving lives in Bangladesh through diarrheal disease research

Hospital operation in action by icddr,b Doctors treating diarrheal patients at the icddr,b Dhaka Hospital
Credits: © icddr,b

In Bangladesh, diarrheal diseases remain a critical health issue. In fact, more than 35,000 people died of these diseases in 2020 alone.

When Abdul Fazal arrived at the Dhaka Hospital, the world’s largest diarrheal disease hospital, in March 2022, he was close to death due to diarrhea and severe dehydration. He was saved thanks to the immediate and professional care he received. In fact, he was able to walk without assistance within 90 minutes.

Canada is a long-time supporter of the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research Centre, Bangladesh, the internationally renowned research centre that runs the Dhaka Hospital where Mr. Fazal was treated. It has not only produced innovative, high-impact and low-cost treatments, but it serves low income patients at no charge.

During the cholera outbreak in the spring of 2022, more than 1,400 patients visited the Dhaka Hospital each day—and more than 60,000 people were treated during the unprecedented outbreak.

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