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Supporting a move to renewable energy in Jordan

Ghada Qudah, head of a community-based organization in Ajloun, helps her community access and adopt energy-efficient solutions.
Credits: © Cowater International / SEED

The Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) project is working to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in Jordan. It was co-financed by Canada and the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund and implemented by Cowater.

Ghada Qudah is the head of one of SEED’s partner community based organizations in Ajloun, Jordan. According to her, the project has transformed the organization’s work to promote renewable energy and energy-efficient initiatives.

“It has not only increased our capacity in areas we never imagined we would be able to access, but it has assisted us in raising awareness about the work we do and the services we offer,” she explains. “We have now become a hub for our local communities in terms of learning about and accessing energy efficiency practices.”

SEED’s support helped the local community apply solutions that lowered their electricity bills. These savings were reinvested in improving the livelihoods and well being of people living in one of Jordan’s poorest communities. SEED helped break down gender related barriers by demonstrating to the community that women could have a career in a technical field, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Ghada says that the initiative has boosted her own confidence and professional practice.

“Because SEED’s approach to building our capacity was very meticulous and systematic, all of the information I was learning gave me a lot of confidence,” says Ghana. “Not only that, but SEED allowed me to network and meet a wide range of people as a result of my improved skills.”

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