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Helping students in Bangladesh learn during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bangladeshi student having the opportunity to continue learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Credits: © High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Nusrat Akter’s mother sent her to school every day. But because of the school lockdowns that affected more than 30 million school-age children in the country, Nusrat had to do her schooling at home. Unfortunately, her mother could not help her with her schoolwork.

With Canada’s support, the Bangladesh-based NGO BRAC helped teachers make home visits to students during the pandemic. Nusrat’s teacher visited all her students at their homes to help them with their studies.

“Nusrat’s teacher visited our home every week and took classes over the phone. She walked miles to reach every student’s home. Her dedication amazed me,” explains Nusrat’s mother.

In 2021 2022, the program helped over 121,000 students receive home visits from teachers so they could complete their primary education.

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