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Amplifying the voice of Tunisian women in public policy

Nesrine Rezgui, a schoolteacher and up and coming leader, representing the municipality of Sidi Bourouis.
Credits: © PLMI, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The Program for Municipal Leadership Inclusive of Women in Tunisia aims to increase the influence of Tunisian women and local women leaders in the management of public policy issues. The Canada funded project has helped many women gain self confidence, learn more about the needs of their municipality and develop diplomacy and leadership skills.

Nesrine Rezgui is a teacher who received training through the program to represent the municipality of Sidi Bourouis. She is secretary general of the Phénix Sidi Bourouis association.

“I used to have a really hard time expressing myself in public,” explains Nesrine. “I used to stammer and my mind would go blank. That was the most difficult thing for me: being in a group and having someone ask a question. But now it has changed. Now, I speak the way I want to. I’m more comfortable talking! I’m more ambitious, and when your ambition grows, you work more on your personality and you’re going to get better results. And that’s what I benefited most from.”

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