Applying for an Export Permit

Export permits are issued pursuant to subsection 7.(1) of the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA). Export permits are issued either through (a) an on-line automated system either in the offices of customs brokers in major centres across Canada, or (b) in the offices of the Trade Controls & Technical Barriers Bureau of DFAIT in Ottawa. A List of EICS On-line Customs Brokers having access to the on-line computer system is available on this website.

What is required to apply for a permit:

Applications through on-line customs brokers

1. Applicants must have an EIPA file number. To obtain one, applicants are requested to provide DFAIT, at the first application only, with:

  • applicant's name, title, firm name, address, postal code, telephone number, facsimile number, GST number and business number.

To view an Application for an Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) File Number.

2. Applicants must then fill out an application form. Up to three separate products may be entered on the same form. If an on-line broker is used, the broker will enter the information and submit the application form online. If TRQ is available, permits will be printed in the broker's office or at the port of entry.

3. A fee will be levied for each permit or certificate issued in accordance with the Export and Import Permits and Certificates Fees Order (Notice to Importers No. 508 dated May 16, 1995). The EICB's fee is $14.00 per export permit. However, brokers with on-line privileges may charge more; each broker's fees differ.

4. An individual export permit is required for each shipment.

5. Export permits are normally issued with a validity period of 30 days around the date of arrival specified by exporters (5 days prior to it and 24 days after). Under no circumstances will utilization of permits for one quota year be allowed in the next quota year. Requests for export permits will be accepted within the 30 days prior to the expected date of export.

Applications not using an on-line customs broker

6. Applications may be sent in by exporters directly either by mail or by fax to DFAIT. However, permits will not be issued unless the applications are accompanied by a cheque for the amount corresponding to the total value of the goods (as set out in Column III of the import permit fee schedule in paragraph 2 of Notice to Importers No. 508 dated May 16, 1995), made out to the Receiver General for Canada, for each permit requested. Applicants may also ask to be put on a monthly billing system. If quota is available a permit would then normally be issued. Permits may then be mailed, held for pick-up or sent to the exporter by courier collect. DFAIT will deliver the permit by the method selected by the exporter.

For further information on the monthly billing system, please contact Mrs. Josée Allaire at 613-944-2496 or by fax at 613-995-0725.