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Supply-managed tariff rate quotas (TRQs)

Notices to importers

Access current and previous Notices to importers.

Utilization data

View current and previous utilization data for various TRQs.

Quota holders lists

Access the current and previous lists of allocation holders for each TRQ.


View instructions on how to apply for an allocation and access application forms.

Key dates and access quantities

See key dates and access quantities for the various TRQs.

General information

Access general information on the administration of TRQs for supply-managed products

Contact us

Contact the Supply-Managed Trade Controls Division (TPC) and find useful related links.

Applying for an import permit

Information about the permit application process, including information about fees, the monthly billing system, information required from applicants and the permit application form.

Transfers and supplemental requests

Access forms for transfers and supplemental requests.

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