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Transfers and supplemental requests – Supply-managed tariff rate quotas (TRQs)

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TitleCommodity typeUnique value
Chicken and Chicken Products – Supplemental ImportsChicken and Chicken Productsd4
Application for Authorization for Supplementary Imports Continuation of Application EXT1614-E (PDF, 26 KB)Chicken and Chicken Productsd4
Broiler Hatching Eggs and Chicks for Chicken Production Supplemental imports (Items 94 and 95 on the Import Control List) – SER-859Broiler Hatching Eggs and Chicksa1
Clarification to Section 5.3.6. of Notice to Importers No. 865 – Chicken and Chicken Products – Supplemental Imports (Items 96 to 104 on the Import Control List) – Application Processing Timeframes – ARCHIVEDChicken and Chicken Productsd4
Dairy Products – Supplementary Imports (Items 117 to 134 and 141 to 160 on the Import Control List) – SER-850Dairy ProductsDairy Products, o15
Eggs and Egg Products – Supplemental Imports(Items 135 to 139 on the Import Control List) – SER-851Eggs and Egg Productsh8
TRQ Allocation Transfer Request (PDF, 177 KB)Broiler Hatching Eggs and Chicks; Butter; Cheese; Chicken and Chicken Products; Concentrated Milk; Cream; Cream Powders; Eggs and Egg Products; Ice Cream; Margarine; Milk; Milk Powders; Milk Protein Substances; Other Dairy Products; Powdered Buttermilk; Powdered Whey; Products of Natural Milk Constituents; Skim Milk Powders; Specialty Cream; Turkey and Turkey Products; Yogurta1; b2; c3; d4; e5; f6; g7; h8; j10; k11; l12; m13; n14; o15; p16; q17; r18; s19; t20; u21; v22
Turkey and Turkey Products – Supplemental Imports (Items 105 to 113 on the Import Control List) – SER-849Turkey and Turkey Productsu21
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