Our Service Pledge

The Trade Controls Bureau (formerly EICB) is committed to providing clients with prompt and reliable service based on Canadian export and import controls law and policy.

Export and import permits are issued under the authority of the Export and Import Permits Act. The Act authorizes the government to control the import and export of certain goods as defined in various intergovernmental arrangements, as well as the export of natural resources and other goods for the purpose of ensuring both adequate supply for and the security of Canada.

To fulfill this policy, and under the authority of the Export and Import Permits Act, we are responsible for issuing permits for importing controlled goods into Canada that are included in the Import Control List, and for exporting goods included in the Export Control List or for exporting goods to destinations included in the Area Control List.

We are here to serve the Canadian public -- particularly importers, exporters and their agents.

Our aims are: to foster an orderly processing of controlled imports into and exports from Canada; implement our commitments under international agreements, and ensure that the administration of trade controls under the authority of the Export and Import Permits Act is carried out smoothly and without undue hindrance to Canadian exporters, importers and consumers.

Hours of Service

Our regular hours of service are 0800-1700 Eastern Standard Time.

Our electronic Export and Import Controls System (EICS) is available to on-line Customs Brokers from 0400 to 2400 Monday through Friday, 0400 to 2000 on Saturday.

Performance Standards

During regular business hours (08:00-17:00 Eastern Standard Time), the Trade Controls Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada will:

  • Administer controls accurately, fairly, in a timely manner and with the least possible inconvenience to our clients' trade practices.

  • Answer telephone enquiries from our clients courteously and within 4 business hours of receipt, unless the caller agrees to other arrangements.

  • Communicate with an EIPA authorization applicant, unless otherwise specified by the applicant, in the official language of Canada which the applicant has used on the application.

  • Answer routine written correspondence concisely and accurately within five working days of receipt.

  • Explain clearly to our clients the steps we must take so that we may subsequently respond to enquiries fully, accurately and with the least possible delay when unusual factors apply.

  • Explain promptly to our clients what additional steps they may take if any seek our further consideration when, in their view, matters are not resolved within the standards described above.

  • Deliver non-routed permits within 15 minutes of the time of application if there is no problem with the application: 10 minutes for processing and 5 minutes to transfer import permits to the ACROSS system used by the Canada Border Services Agency. The response messages will be transmitted to the originator as soon as they are available. The overall turnaround time will be dependent on the frequency with which the client will sign-on and receive responses.

  • Work through the Verification and Compliance Section with Canadian industry in textiles, agricultural products and steel to ensure compliance with the Export and Import Permits Act and respond immediately to client compliance complaints while maintaining the confidentiality of the parties involved.

For non-strategic goods

  • Process routine permit applications submitted by fax, mail or courier within two business days of receipt.

  • Process within 4 business hours import and export permit applications that are automatically redirected (routed) to the bureau's officers or which have been flagged for an officer's review by the applicant when no additional information or documentation is required.

  • Review promptly import and export permit applications which cannot be completed electronically and advise applicants of any necessary supporting documentation or additional information within four hours, and endeavour to resolve any outstanding issues as expeditiously as possible.

For strategic goods

  • Complete the processing of applications for permits to export controlled strategic goods from eligible exporters, who have provided all required supporting documentation, within ten working days, where consultations outside the Trade Controls and Technical Barriers Bureau are not required; and within 40 days where consultation is required.

Export of BC logs from Canada

  • Surplus Letters
    Surplus letters will normally be issued by the Monday following the “Final Date for Receipt of Offers” as noted in the bi-weekly advertising list.

  • Surplus Letters following Withdrawal of an Offer to Purchase Timber
    Surplus letter will be issued within 3 business days after the receipt of a withdrawal letter from the offering company.

  • Export Permit Application for Logs
    Export permits that are processed by an export controls officer will be issued within 3 business days of receipt of a properly completed permit application. Permit applications should be received 3 business days prior to the expiry date of the surplus letter

    Export permits that are processed by EXCOL, that is, those permit applications that list only one federal boom, will automatically be issued once the application is received.

  • Export Permit Amendment Requests
    Permit amendments that are processed by an export controls officer will be issued within 3 business days of receipt of a properly completed permit amendment request. Application for a permit amendment should be submitted by the applicant as least 5 days prior to the expiry date of the export permit. Extension requests and addition of consignees are the type of amendments that are processed by an export controls officer.

    For an extension requests, a written request should be attached in Documents Tab on our new on-line system (EXCOL) with the following information:

    • Old Shipment date
    • New Shipment date
    • Name of the New Vessel

    Please note that exporters wishing to amend their federal permits for provincial timber shall attach a copy of the updated FS 34 and FS 38 in Documents Tab on EXCOL.

    An extension can be granted up to a maximum of 30 days total from the date that the export controls officer will approve the amendment.

    Name and Type of Transport, and Port of Exit are the type of amendments processed and issued automatically by EXCOL.

We invite comments on our procedures and always welcome suggestions for improving them. Please contact us by telephone at 1-877-808-8838.