Beef and Veal (Items 114 to 116 on the Import Control List) - Quantities available for reallocation

Quota is currently available for reallocation under the Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ).

Section 7.4 of the Notice to Importers No. 867 (the Notice) sets out the reallocation policy:

“7.4.1. Quota that becomes available through the allocation adjustment policy referenced in section 7.2., or by way of returns at any point in the quota year, will normally be re-allocated to eligible applicants on a first-come-first-served, load-by-load basis (to a maximum of 26,000 kilograms per load) until the entire amount has been re-allocated.

7.4.2 Applicants who have utilized 80% or more of their allocation may apply, in writing, to be placed on a waiting list for a share of any quantities available for re-allocation.

7.4.3. Applications for re-allocations from applicants who have not utilized 80% of their allocation will not be accepted.”

The Notice is available on the Global Affairs Canada  website.

Note that the quantity available for a reallocation under the Beef and Veal TRQ as of October 15, 2016 is 12,826,035 kg.

Global Affairs Canada will regularly update and publish on this page the volume of quota under the Beef and Veal TRQ that is available for reallocation.

Questions regarding the reallocation process may be addressed to: