New Export Import Control System (NEICS)

Global Affairs Canada is pleased to confirm an upgrade to the Export Import Control System (EICS). New Export Import Control System (NEICS) enables licenced customs brokers to apply online for export or import permits and certificates for controlled goods. NEICS represents changes in the web interface and does not constitute changes in trade control policy or the permit process.
All users must enrol to receive new unique log-in credentials to access NEICS.

The primary contact for the company (designated officer authorized to sign on behalf of the company) must contact us to receive the email invitation with instructions: NEICS/
Once you have received your invitation to enrol, please follow the instructions to complete the process. You must have your company’s EIPA number on hand.

For any questions on the enrolment process, please contact us at NEICS/ and our NEICS technical support team will be happy to assist you.

System requirements

NEICS requirements

  1. NEICS system is supported by:
    • Edge
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari

We recommend that you use the latest browser version.

  1. In addition, your browser must have:
    • TLS 1.2 or higher enabled
    • Cookies enabled
    • JavaScript enabled

All browsers are configured differently, so you should check the Internet options of your browser for ways to enable the Cookies and JavaScript functionality.

Note: Global Affairs Canada is not responsible for any difficulties or problems in downloading and installing software. Technical support is provided by the software suppliers.

How to access NEICS

The EICS system has undergone a next generation upgrade and is now supported on the newest browser versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. Please note Internet Explorer 11 and older versions are no longer supported.

Copy the link of your NEICS URL ( and add/favourite to your preferred browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari) to go to the NEICS homepage.

Please use your new unique log-in credentials and your existing GCKey or Partner user id and password to login to the NEICS. You will then be able to access all your information in the new system.

Please do not forget to bookmark the link of your NEICS homepage in your preferred browser.

What does the upgrade include?

  • a new web user interface supported by up-to-date browsers
  • updates to align with Government of Canada security and accessibility standards
  • enhanced system navigation
  • new authentication system with unique log-in credentials

What to expect?

Your access privileges in the NEICS will remain the same as they were in the old system. This upgrade also does not constitute changes in trade control policy or the permit process.

Functionality, EICS tabs and processes also remain unchanged. The NEICS represents a modernization of the authentication system and web interface.

The new interface features include:

  • A new look – The NEICS upgrade includes updates related to the Government of Canada’s common look and feel and accessibility standards.
  • Website guide and walkthroughs – You will be able to view new content and other helpful hints throughout the application, using several on-demand tours.
  • New search capabilities – You will have some new search capabilities such as filtering field search.
  • New option to download – You will be able to download PDF and CSV files from the browser and save in the desired location.


We would like to hear from you about the NEICS. To make this easier, we have included a support button at the bottom right corner of the new interface.


  • If you require technical assistance with the NEICS, please contact NEICS technical support team at NEICS/
  • For permit related and EIPA account questions, please contact our Help Desk at – or (by telephone) at 613-944-1265 or toll-free at 1-877-808-8838.
  • Our website will continue to be updated to include information on NEICS.

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