Federal Timber Export Advisory Committee (FTEAC)

A. Terms of Reference

1. General

The Minister for International Trade (the Minister), in consultation with the B.C. Minister of Forests, has established the Federal Timber Export Advisory Committee (FTEAC) to provide recommendations to the Minister on exports of logs from lands outside the scope of British Columbia’s forestry legislation.

2. Membership

The FTEAC will consist of a Chair and a Federal Representative, designated by the Minister, and not more than ten (10) members, designated by the Chair, who may be members of the Provincial Timber Export Advisory Committee (TEAC).  In the absence of the Federal Representative, the Federal Representative may name an alternate Representative.

3. Reporting/Accountability

The Chair will keep the Director General, Export and Import Controls Bureau, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), informed of all matters relating to the export of logs from lands outside the scope of the B.C. forestry legislation and of the FTEAC recommendations.

4. Functions and Responsibilities

The FTEAC will:

  • Review all referred Applications to Advertise Logs on the B.C. Federal Bi-Weekly List (“Applications”);
  • Assess the validity of any offers to purchase regarding Applications, and determine whether or not those offers are a fair representation of the domestic market value;
  • Determine whether or not the logs under Application are surplus to domestic needs and make recommendations on their disposition;
  • Request the B.C. Ministry of Forests to undertake inspections of specific proposed log exports, as required; and
  • Submit recommendations to the Director General, Export and Import Controls Bureau for consideration.

5. Disposal/Consideration of Applications by FTEAC

The FTEAC will formulate recommendations concerning Applications, by consensus, and may dispose of an Application by:

  • a) Recommending that the export be approved;
  • b) Recommending that the export be refused; or
  • c) Requesting further information

6. Powers of the Chair

The Chair will designate times and locations for the FTEAC meetings, will chair those meetings, will designate a member as vice-Chair to act in the absence of the Chair, and, if required, will designate an alternate recording secretary.

7. Quorum

A quorum will consist of the Chair or vice-Chair and three or more members, and the recording secretary.

8. Minutes

Minutes of meetings will be distributed to members, to the Director General, Export and Import Controls Bureau, and the Deputy Minister, B.C. Ministry of Forests.

9. Confidentiality

FTEAC deliberations and recommendations are confidential, and the Minister may release information within limitations prescribed by Federal law.

B. Policy Considerations

  • 1. When FTEAC is satisfied that there is an adequate supply and distribution of logs, FTEAC may recommend that the Minister issue an export permit.
  • 2. The Minister may take into account relevant information additional to FTEAC recommendations when exercising discretion respecting issuance of a permit for the export of B.C. logs pursuant to the Export and Import Permits Act.