Export Controls to Belarus

Serial No.: 148
Date: December 14, 2006


1. This Notice is to advise exporters that the Government of Canada has decided to add Belarus to the Area Control List (ACL), the list of countries to which the exportation of all items is only permitted with a valid export permit.


2. This Notice reflects the Government of Canada's response concerning the deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus, following the March 19, 2006 presidential election which was deemed by international observers to be severely flawed. The campaign was marred with widespread harassment and detention of opposition party campaign workers, the physical assault of senior opposition figures, arbitrary use of state powers to support the incumbent president, pressure on state workers and students to support the President, restrictions on the ability of opposition campaigns to communicate with the electorate, and control of the state media to severely restrict access by opposition candidates. These elements resulted in a climate of intimidation and insecurity, further undermining democracy and the respect of human rights in Belarus. Since, the election Belarusian authorities have continued their unwarranted imprisonment of democratic supporters.


3. All applications for permits to export items to Belarus will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Permits for humanitarian goods, including food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies, information material, casual gifts and personal effects belonging to persons leaving Canada for Belarus, will generally be approved. Permits for other items will generally be denied. For information concerning the export permit application process, please contact the Exports Controls Division at the information provided below.


4. Under the authority of Section 6 of the Export and Imports Permits Act, the Governor-in-Council added Belarus to the Area Control List effective December 14, 2006.

General Information

5. For further information, exporters may contact:

Export Controls Division (TIE)
Export and Import Permits Bureau
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2
Telephone: 613-996-2387
Facsimile: 613-996-9933