Export Controls Online (NEXCOL)

NEXCOL Recognized Users

NEXCOL users are either “Recognized” or “Non Recognized”. By default, users are Non Recognized, with the option to register and become recognized. All clients are able to submit the following online:

  • Export Permits
  • International Import Certificates (IIC)
  • Delivery Verification Certificates (DVC)
  • Advisory Opinions
  • Turkey Quota Applications

Non Recognized: Default

  • Access our web site, download the new forms, print and mail to TIE for processing
  • Submit applications for Export Permits, IICs, DVCs and Advisory Opinion requests online via the web site
  • Attach electronic copies of support documentation

Recognized: Added functionalities

  • Use the NEXCOL system to submit all applications on-line
  • Attach electronic copies of support documentation to the applications online
  • Save partially completed applications to finish them later
  • Copy previously submitted applications, modify them and submit as new
  • Request Permit Amendments online
  • Verify status of all submitted applications online.
  • Retrieve and print selected issued permits and certificates online
  • Submit Utilization Reports online to TIE
  • All default user functions

How to become a Recognized User of NEXCOL

You must register with the Trade Controls and Technical Barriers Bureau (TID), and will be assigned an EIPA file number (formerly EICB business number). Companies can register once for all staff requiring NEXCOL access, using this process:

A representative of the company must be selected to oversee the registration. This Company Officer will have to notify NEXCOL Administration of additions and removals of individuals' access.

The NEXCOL Recognized Business form is used to create/update the Business account with TID. It lists the users, and is signed by an officer of the company, approving those users. This form is required to establish the NEXCOL business account, before users can be added, and is required even if there is only one person involved. If you don't know the EIPA file number, just leave it blank.

Each person who needs to login must also complete a Recognized User form, including a single proprietor or individual. The Recognized User form bears the person's signature, attesting that (a) they understand the rules regarding the Access Code and the electronic submissions, and (b) they consent to the collection, retention and sharing of the personal information required for the NEXCOL account.

Please click these links to view and print Recognized User and Recognized Business forms. Even if there is only one person, both forms are still required. The completed and signed forms should be returned by Fax 613-992-9397, mail or courier to this address:

NEXCOL Registration
Administration and Technology Services Division (TIA)
Trade Controls Bureau
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
125 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2

NEXCOL provides secure on-line access using the Government of Canada Key (GCKey). The GCKey is not part of the NEXCOL application, and is created separately. The GCKey belongs to you and you alone, and must not be shared with anyone else. It is a security device that allows you personally to access various federal Government on-line services in addition to NEXCOL. Please see the GCKey Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Once your form has been processed, you will receive an email from enrolment@ottawatechops.com which contains a link for completing your enrolment on-line, an Access Code, and other required information.

Completing the Enrolment

1. PLEASE BEGIN by clicking the link in the email. This will take you to the NEXCOL website.

2. After selecting your preferred language, click <NEXCOL Enrolment> in the left-hand menu.

3. Read the <NEXCOL Enrolment > page, and click the <Login & Continue with Enrolment> link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Access My NEXCOL Account  page.

4. Read the Access My NEXCOL Account page and click the <GCKey Log In> button at the bottom of the page.

5. Click on <Sign Up> in the left hand margin. To create your GCKey, you must first click the <I accept> button on the Terms and Conditions of Use page.

6. Fill out your registration information and click <Continue>.Click <Continue> on the <GCKey Registration Complete> page.

7. You should now be directed to the <NEXCOL Enrolment> page where  you use the information from the email. Click on <Enrol NOW!> button when you have filled the appropriate fields. After this final step of the enrolment, your GCKey will be associated with your NEXCOL account.

8. NEXCOL will launch, and your name will appear in the upper right corner. The next time you use NEXCOL, you simply login.

Note: This office does not support the GCKey capability. You will need to call the GCKey Help Desk at 1-855-438-1102 if there are problems with the login.