Notice to Exporters

Administration of the North American Free Trade Agreement Relating to the Application of the Tariff Preference Levels for Textile and Apparel Goods

Serial No: 95
Date: December 01, 1996


1. This Notice is to advise Canadian Exporters of the administrative policy regarding the presentation of Certificates of Eligibility, refund requests and protested entries to U.S. Customs for Preferential Tariff Treatment.


2. Exporters requesting preferential tariff treatment for exports of clothing or textile goods entering the U.S., must present all documents within the same quota calender year. Certificates of Eligibility (C of E) presented to U.S. Customs will no longer be accepted if the C of E number reflects a different quota calender year than the entry summary documents.

3. Goods which had entered into a bonded warehouse in one quota year and are exwarehoused in the next year will be counted in the same year as the original documents were presented. C of E's would be required under the original quota calender year.

Marilyn Friesen
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Textiles and Clothing
Trade Controls Policy Division
Export and Import Controls Bureau
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